Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's All About the Layering...

We all have a lot fashion sense and we all know what looks great on us.
A lot of that knowledge comes from trial and error, watching the trends
and selecting what we like from those trends.  But trends that we choose can also be
choices that are timeless and that will get us through several if not many seasons
of blissful wearing.  I embrace that idea and so does my wallet.  :)
The idea of layering jewelry is really coming on strong this season.  And a what 
really makes it click for me is adding new pieces to my existing pieces for a totally
updated and new look.
Bracelets are a GREAT place to do this.

Basic white beads and shimmering rhinestones.

Leather with basic beads and turquoise.

Gold and silver, leather and string...

...and color, color, color, color!
I just launched a new line of semi-precious stones and ceramic and
glass beaded bracelets in my shoppe.  The colors are rich, citrusie and almost
mouthwatering and the style is SO easy to wear and layer.  

Citrus Jade with a single pave crystal charm

Jade with a tiny pave crystal charm.

Jade and coral pink colored shell with pave crystal charms.

High quality polished ceramic beads with solid sterling silver charms.

Black onyx and Jade with pave crystal charms.

Beautiful turquoise blue czech handblown glass beads with 
pave crystal charms.

Color, texture, size.  Mix and match them all.
Layer and have fun!
I'd love you to stop by the shoppe and see it all.
Let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend!!



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