Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've Been Gone for SO Long...

Hi All!  Oh my, I have been missing from blog land for SO long!  I have been keeping up
with all of you even though I have not been able to get it together, get a minute,
take a little time to put together a thoughtful post myself.  My creativity has been
"zapped" by all the things that life puts in your path.
But don't get  me wrong, they were all good, happy, joyous things that
got in my way!

My incredibly handsome son was confirmed/
(That's him below with his sponsor).

I had been working weekly since January planning and heading up our annual 
fundraiser for our high school band.  I am very happy to say we raised over 
$11,000!  Best year ever!

My beautiful daughter graduated from college with high honors.  M husband 
and I are beyond words proud of her.

And I have been fitting in making new designs for the shoppe 
whenever I could

Our school year is not over yet so things are still hectic and
ongoing.  But I love keeping up with all of you and I hope
you'll stick with me here!  :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!



all images via me and google

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