Saturday, August 18, 2012

Keeping Creativity Fresh...

It was a busy week.  Besides the daily grind I accomplished getting some
new pieces done for the shop.  For me creativity is a funny thing.
Some days it's so easy and the ideas just flow.  Other days I can stare
at all the findings and such in front of me and not have a clue as to 
what to do with them.  That's when I have to get up and walk away from it all
and step back into it the next day.  That usually works too.
It was a good week this week.  :)

 I love this bracelet.  I attached a vintage rosary crucifix to a french
steel cut shoe buckle, attached gorgeous blue aquamarine rondelles 
and links from an oriental bracelet.

These dangle earrings are a pair of vintage buttons I picked up at the
Portabello flea market in London.  I mounted them to scalloped edged
jewelry settings and added brilliant labradorite and 
chalcedony briolettes.

Everyone loves a loaded charm bracelet and this one is loaded with 
lots of vintage "charm".  I've added vintage coins, religious medals
and other findings.

And this beautiful necklace depicts a little bit of Paris past.  The vintage
photo frame pendant holds a photo of the Eiffel tower from a time long past.
It hangs from a former vintage sparkling rhinestone pin.

The necklace is made up of vintage mother of pearl rosary beads,
gorgeous iolite and aquamarine semi precious stones and antiqued
gunmetal link chain.  Love!

It was a good week!  :)  
You can see all these pieces and more in the

I wanted to share a photo with you of the sunset over the lake we go to
in northern Wisconsin.  The colors are so soothing and awe inspiring.

Have a wonderful week!



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