Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Been A Long Time...

Four months is a long time.  It's one third of a year.  I have been away from blogging
for that long.  I love my blog but I know I am not a great writer.  Good writers
do not find writing tedious.  Or maybe it's not about being a good writer
but a disciplined writer.  And I am not that either as is evident.   
It was almost the end of my youngest's senior year when I last wrote.
He has since graduated, spent what seemed like an incredibly
short, last summer with us and is now away at college.  
I miss him terribly.  Everyday.   But I have filled my days with 
focusing on my business, that of making the jewelry that I love.

And now I am getting ready for a fantastic trip.  In three days
my husband and I are leaving for France.  Our first time there.
We are spending four days in Normandy and six in Paris.
It was our 30th wedding anniversary in May and this was our dream
trip to ourselves.  

The coast of Normandy.

The village of Honfleur where we are staying while in Normandy.


I am planning to shop a couple of flea markets while I'm there and bring 
back some wonderful old jewelry finds to make some delicious new pieces with.

For anyone that has followed my blog in the past, I am hoping that I will
be able to shake the writers block and post more often.  But in the meantime,
my facebook page is the best to place to find current updates on all my new
jewelry AND to see photos from my trip.  I would just love to have you 
follow me there also.  And please let me know that you saw my post here
when you come by to follow me!  I would love that!

So au revoir my friends!
My dream trip awaits!!



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