Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nature Trying To Cool Off...

It has been brutally hot here in Wisconsin.  It is 102 degrees again today
 with 70% humidity.  Yuke!!!  I have had to water quite a bit.  
Yesterday when I was giving some of the 
bushes a drink with the hose I noticed that immediately
 a little bird saw the water and flew down to stand
 in the puddle that was building up.

He was so cute and was just loving the spray of the water.  
He stayed there and drank and bathed
and really was enjoying it!


Then today I set up the sprinkler on an area of the lawn, 
and who do you think was right there
in the blink of an eye?  Yep, that same little bird! 
 He was just happy as could be in the rain of the sprinkler.

He was even drinking the water off the grass.  I think he is a baby robin
 but not too young that he can't be out on his own.  
He let me me get VERY close to him too!

In this heat everything needs to be taken care of, 
not just our plants and lawns.

Be sure and refill your bird bath everyday for our 
little feather friends!

Stay cool everyone!!



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