Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From Flea To Fabulous...

This is such a busy time of year for anyone who creates for their
handmade business.  With the holidays fast approaching everyday is a 
crunch to get as much done as one can.  Part of that is what I call
"hunting and gathering".   When your business involves using vintage finds
you have to go out and hunt down those key items.  I recently attended the 
last of the season flea market in Elkhorn, WI.  It was a gorgeous day and lots 
of great finds to be had.

Here are a few of the results of all the fabulous finds.
This necklace was inspired by the beautiful art deco sterling silver
center piece of a woman with blowing hair.  Below it I have  hung a vintage 
cameo from an old rhinestone encircled bead.  The necklace is a beautiful
old mother of pearl rosary that I accented with faceted deep blue iolite 

I do love cuff style bracelets.  This one is an old french cut steel shoe buckle
that I accented with a vintage rhinestone former brooch.  I attached silver tone
vintage chain and a decorative jewelry hook.  Love it!  It has so much style.

This beautiful, feminine necklace began with the little aqua blue pendant that was
a vintage pin that I removed the backing from.  In it I place a vintage prayer
card image of Mary.  It hangs from a vintage brass finding with a little
rhinestone center.  The necklace is a lovely faux pearl vintage rosary strand 
highlighted with two faceted aquamarine gemstones.

And these sparklers are just incredible.  They are two circa 1956
dangles that are just dripping with sparkling old rhinestones.  They hang from
faceted graduated gray colored quartz beads.  These would look fabulous with
just about anything!

These pieces along with lots more are now in the shoppe.  
Lots more to come soon.
Do check back!

Thanks for coming by.  Have a great week!



all images via google and me.

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  1. When I made children's clothing, this was definitely a very busy time getting ready for shows. The holidays are a whirlwind. Enjoy the season :) Your wares are gorgeous, as always :)


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