Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hauntingly Scaaaaary Pumpkins....

Tonight is trick-or-treating in our area, always the Sunday before Halloween. When I grew up
we trick-or-treated on Halloween no matter when it fell during the week.
That was SO much fun.
My husband is the master pumpkin carver here and her really gets
into it every year.  Thought I'd let you see his scary creations for this 

He searches for all his new designs and then goes to get the best
shaped and the best sitting pumpkins.

He doesn't cut the top off.  He cuts the back out and goes in that way to clean it
out.  It is so much easier too for candle or light placing.

He doesn't cut all the way through (well, except one).  He carves away at the 
outside, following the pattern he drew, not breaking through but carving away 
enough that the candle light will illuminate the pattern from the inside.

And here is the end result!  A perfectly spooooooky pumpkin!  

So can you make them all out?

And this is my son.  He is a quad drum player in the hight school marching band.
Friday night was a home playoff game and the band kids all wore
Halloween costumes for the performance.  It was a lot of
fun seeing all the great costume choices.

I wish you all a very spooky and happy Halloween!




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