Friday, January 4, 2013

Looking Ahead To A Year That Will Be...

 Happy New Year to All!!
I hope you have begun 2013 in a great way.
I have been thinking about this new year and what it is going
to mean for me and my family.  There will be firsts and
a few endings too but many things to look forward to.

My youngest will be graduating from high school this year and in
August we will be moving him into college.  It will be the end of high school band,
varsity hockey and lacrosse.   It will be empty nest 
time for my husband and me....a first.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary
this year.  I have been wanting to go to Paris as our gift to each other.
I have never been to Paris....another first.

And my jewelry business really blossomed in 2012.
I felt very blessed to have had a local boutique carry my line
and to have gained admirers and new sales in my etsy shoppe.

I am looking forward to more continued success in 2013
with new design ideas, more followers and the enjoyment of watching
it all grow.

Do continue stop by and see what new things are going on.
And as always I LOVE to hear from you
so leave a comment, big or small.

Happy weekend all!




  1. What a transition for you and your family as your youngest makes plans to go away to college. The Empty Nest Syndrome is definitely more acute when the baby leaves home. What a perfect time for your Etsy business to blossom! -- Jan

  2. My dear, may our Gracious and Kind God bless this new phase in your family! Beautiful images and adorable handmade! Loved so much your pieces. They are beautiful! Lots of kisses, Marie


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